VOLAR trademark is a Qatari established brand registered, concerned in leading residential and commercial appliances. VOLAR providers a variety of electrical ,electronic and mechanical products which is designed with the highest quality and standards that enhance customers ‘ experience and meet their expectations and demands. VOLAR’s vision and mission is to continue growing as a unique trustworthy brand with an extraordinary bond with customers in terms of quality , consultation , services and after sales .

VOLAR aims to become a centennial brand that is always trusted by customers, embraced by employees with pride, makes an active participation to society, and continually grows on a global level. We are considered one of the Fastest Growing players in the Home Appliances sector in Qatar and has always pleased the consumer with appropriate technology across a wide range of products. The brand is known for delighting the consumer with innovative, relevant and Eco-friendly technologies. VOLAR has created many milestones in the Qatari appliances space – be it in the environment/energy efficiency space with systematically designed products are the result of continuous investment in our consumer research to build products that meet consumer needs.

VOLAR is the most complete and up-to-date guide available on energy savings appliances in the home. Following a review of measures to tighten up the building shell itself, our brand focuses on the things you put in your home—including major appliances, heating equipment, air conditioning, lighting, and electronics and how the energy use of those products can be reduced. If you are about to buy a new appliance or heating system, you will be most interested in the tips on what to look for when buying new equipment.