General Terms and Conditions and Warranty Provisions


General Terms and Conditions:

  • The warranty is effective from the date of purchase made by the first customer as described in the sales invoice and warranty card.
  • The warranty is valid only when the original sales invoice, sales receipt and warranty card are presented and must be completed properly accompanied by the date of purchase, model name, merchant name and serial number of the product, as well as reporting the defective product within the warranty period.
  • Warranty of products and parts replaced by Approved Maintenance Centres shall be owned by VOLAR, and the replaced parts shall not be handed over to the customer and shall be executed in accordance with the national environmental laws.
  • The Authorized Maintenance Centres have the right during the maintenance process to change any defective original parts with another original part (supplied by the manufacturer of the product) regardless of the country of origin.
  • This warranty applies only to the repair or replacement of parts that the company acknowledges are damaged or defected according to the procedures approved by the company or its Approved Maintenance Centres.
  • VOLAR reserves the right to charge service fees for repairs or maintenance of any kind and does not apply in any cases other than those related to defects in the material, design or workmanship.
  • The policies included in this warranty are for the warranty service, and the customer is responsible for any costs associated with any circumstances that are not covered by the warranty. VOLAR reserves the right to make the final decision on the problem and the appropriate service option. The remainder of the original product warranty applies to the replaced parts.


Product Warranty Conditions – Air Conditioner:

  • Ensure that the air conditioning system is fully insured in the first 12 months and includes replacement parts, labour costs and expenses necessary for repair (eg, AC gas refill), where replacement parts are ensured for at least 6 months for durable goods, and 3 months for non-durable goods from the date of delivery of the item to the customer after repair.**
  • Warranty includes 12 months for internal and external air conditioning unit (parts only) *.
  • Warranty includes 60 months for the air conditioning compressor (parts only) * and is limited to replacing it as a spare part. The warranty includes labour costs, the cost of the materials needed to change the compressor and spare parts to repair or change the compressor, including compressor gas.

* The term “parts only” means that this warranty policy covers only defective parts (spare parts only). The replacement cost associated with (including loading, shipping, recharging, cleaning, etc.) is not covered.

** VOLAR provides a comprehensive warranty for 1 year and 5 years for the compressor as per the Ministry of Economy and Commerce laws. However, VOLAR also provides extended warranty under promotions, deals, cooperations or fees.


Replacement and retrieval policy:

  1. The customer has the right to replace the unit immediately if the device is found not to conform to the approved standard specifications.
  2. The customer has the right to return the unit if it did not fulfill the purpose it is agreed to perform or if it did not meet the specification as mentioned in the selling agreement.
  3. The customer has the right to choose between either repairing, replacing or retuning the defective unit if the same defected part was repaired/replaced twice and appeared on the third time. Shall the customer choose to return the defective unit, the refund of the value paid by the customer shall be returned while deducting the amount of time which the customer used the unit as an advantage and will be agreed according to VOLAR
  4. If the product is under the warranty and the maintenance procedures for multiple faults, i.e., the second repair attempt lasted for more than 15 days not covered by the period required to provide spare parts, the customer has the right to claim a new unit with the same specifications. If the customer wants to obtain another unit with other specifications, the customer will pay a fair amount for the right to use the unit in addition to the price difference between the current and the new unit that chosen by the customer in case it is available. The customer is entitled to claim a refund of the value of the unit at the time of purchase, with a fair amount deducted from this value in exchange for the right to use the unit according to VOLAR
  5. If the maintenance process takes more than 15 days and the unit is still under warranty, the customer has the right to extend the warranty for the same period of maintenance.
  6. The warranty protects the right of the customer to repair the unit and not replace it. According to the provisions prepared by the Ministry of Commerce, VOLAR has the right to repair the repeated defect of the same part through two attempts, including the newly and recently sold products.


Limitations and Exceptions:

  • Under this warranty, VOLAR undertakes to repair or replace the products subject to the terms and conditions of the warranty.
  • All products are only limited to the period of warranty. Therefore, if the law does not permit an exception, VOLAR excludes or restricts the warranty to the maximum permitted period by the national law.
  • VOLAR shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from the products or services covered by this warranty, including economical or moral losses – price for the product – loss of profits, returns, data, enjoyment or use of the product, losses, direct or indirect damages, incidental, or accessory.


The legal right of the consumer:

  • The consumer has legal rights under the applicable national laws for the sale of consumer products. This warranty does not affect the legal rights of consumers or the rights that cannot be excluded or restricted by the national law. Customers may also have rights against the person from whom the product was purchased from.
  • As required by the provisions prepared by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, the customer has the right only to inspect the replacement parts under the warranty of the unit but the ownership of the replaced parts remain to the company. Parts that have been replaced outside the warranty period are delivered to the customer except if they are restricted and environmentally prohibited.
  • The customer shall be responsible for any costs associated with any circumstances that are not covered by the warranty. VOLAR Approved Service Centres reserve the right to make the final decision on the identification of the problem and the most appropriate service option. The remaining period of the original product warranty applies to the replaced parts.
  • This warranty is not transferable to another customer. This warranty is only valid for the first customer. VOLAR is not responsible for any incidental or consequential damages as a result of breach of any condition described in this warranty for the product.


Warranty does not cover:

  1. Transport costs and risks associated with transferring the product to and from the VOLAR Authorized Service Centres.
  2. Washing the product.
  3. Periodic inspection, maintenance, repair and replacement of parts due to natural consumption.
  4. Misuse of the product, including but not limited to, misusing the product for the purposes assigned to it or not according to VOLAR instructions for use and care.
  5. Disruptions caused using the product with additives not certified by VOLAR Approved Maintenance Centres for use with the product.
  6. Product malfunction due to improper installation or use without following instructions and in accordance with technical or safety standards provided in the user’s product manual.
  7. Accidents, natural causes, lightning, water, fire, public disturbance, improper ventilation, voltage disturbance, or any other cause of failure in which the “force majeure” is present.
  8. Unauthorized modifications to the product in order to comply with local or international technical standards in countries where this product is not designed by VOLAR.
  9. The serial number on the product exposed to human modification, removal, scratches or become illegible.
  10. Repair or attempting to repair the product by unauthorized/uncertified VOLAR Approved Service Centres.


Cancellation of Warranty:

  • If the product is found to be improperly used and does not comply with the instructions described in the product guide and operating manual.
  • If the repair of the product or maintenance is proven to be contrary to the instructions authorized by the product.
  • If any modification has been made to the product whether adding or removing parts.
  • If the model or serial number of the product has been cleared or changed, and if the date of purchase and the merchant’s name on the warranty card have been changed after the original invoice has been issued.
  • If no original documents are submitted or if any of them are incomplete.
  • Failures caused by misuse and non-conformance to the operating manual.
  • Breakage, careless and damage resulting from poor transport or loading by the customer.
  • Faults caused by electrical current or by the use of an electrical generator that contravenes the specifications of the product.
  • Crashes and damages arising as a result of rain, lightning, fire, flood or other natural impacts.
  • Installing the product in contravention of the method described in the operating manual.
  • Maintaining or servicing the product by another party that is not authorised/certified by VOLAR Authorized Service Centres or distributors.
  • Modifying or removing the product’s dashboard.
  • Rust in the structure of the product due to exposure to factors such as moisture, humidity and others.